Small House Design 6×8 Meter 20×27 Feet Terrace Roof

This is a small house design with 6 meter wide and 8 meters long. It has 2 bedrooms with full completed function in the house. You will love with this Best Small House Plans 6×8 Meter 20×27 Feet 2 Beds.

Small House Design 6×8 floor plan Detail:

Small House Design 6x8 Meter 20x27 Feet Terrace Roof Layout floor plan
House Layout floor plan

The Roof Tile:

Finally, The terrace roof type is made from cement tiles (or your local roof tiles) that cover above Gypsum board ceiling . It make the house look clean and modern.

Small House Design 6x8 Meter 20x27 Feet Terrace Roof
Roof house elevation 3d view

Exterior Best Small House Plans 6×8 Meter:

Similarly, to the roof border color we choose a bite dark and light color combination together with a big glass door and window to get the house look so beautiful and Modern house.

Small House Design 6x8 Meter 20x27 Feet Terrace Roof
Front house elevation 3d
Best Small House Plans 6x8 Meter 20x27 Feet 2 Beds 2
Back house elevation 3d

House Short Description:

-Car Parking and garden
-Living room,
-Dining room
-2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom
-washing room

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Interior design 3d:
Living room
Master bedrooms

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