House Plans with Pool 14×14 Meter 46×46 Feet 3 Beds

House Plans with Pool 14×14 Meter 46×46 Feet, This is a small house design with 14 meter wide and 14 meters long. It has 3 bedrooms with full completed function in the house. You will love with this Design let’s check the detailing plans Below.

Floor plan Detail Plans Design with Pool 14×14:

House Short Description:

-Car Parking and garden
-Living room,
-Dining room
-3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
-washing room

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The Roof Tile:

Finally, The Hip roof type is made from Cement tiles (or your local roof tiles) that cover above Gypsum board ceiling . It make the house look clean and modern.


Exterior House Plans with Pool 14×14:

Similarly, to the roof border color we choose a bite dark and light color combination together with a big glass door and window to get the house look so beautiful and Modern house.


Check the Plans for more detail:

Buy this house plan:

-Layout Detailing floor plan, Elevation Plan with dimension.

-Sketchup file can used in Meter and Feet

-Autocad file (All Layout plan)

* Included files Autocad 2010 and Sketchup 2017

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