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Preliminary Home Assessment

I know for a fact that you have worked hard to get to your home to where you think it is best to sell. And you without a doubt sacrificed time away from your other forms of entertainment to make this happen.

I understand that in this real estate market, the pressure to get your house in front of many people and your house ready to sell is very important. So don’t offer your ad to be hanged by an empty Home Inspector. Did you know that 85 percent of home inspectors do not provide & # 39; understand that they are part of Real Estate? I think this is almost a crime.

Find a local examiner in your area that offers Pre-Listing. You will need to ask your Realtor to refer you to this before making an informal call. Most of them do not care for their customers after the sale. They just give a vague written report and leave you alone to clean up the mess! This information was collected from a survey I did with some of the local real estate brokers in my area, so there is some real data to support this.

Home inspectors need not be the Last Killer in the transaction. Local agency agencies have referred their clients to Homework inspectors who can report their findings in a neutral manner. Home inspectors should provide accurate, accurate, and complete NO home inspection for your clients. Of course, at the end of the day the house is still there; but the test results are presented in a non-standard way so that they can provide for ALL.

I know a lot from these Realtors and Home Owners that reading this will not be easy to find Home Inspectors that complies with these rules, so I will list six things that your Home Inspection Company should prioritize: Good quality Home inspectors need to live these days.

1. Home inspection companies will pass the survey results in a way that minimizes your client’s fears!

2. When your buyer receives a thorough home inspection, it will greatly reduce your complaint!

3. The firm rule is that your client wins & # 39; to hear the word “Code” in any trained Home Inspector (other than new construction)!

4. You will have full confidence knowing that your inspector is certified, will act in a professional and regularly monitored manner to adhere to TREC, and TAREI & # 39; high standards!

5.You want to make sure that your shipment will make you shine in the eyes of your customers and they will be even more pleased with the appearance of the Inspection Company, at the bottom of their shoes!

6. Enjoy the free and free will to schedule an exam seven days a week!

Before choosing your Home Assessor just sit down and discuss these issues first.

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