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5 Economic studio apartment layout plans


5 Economic studio apartment layout plans. It is a pleasure for us to present these 5 studio apartment plans , a delivery that does not intend for you to build a large, expensive or luxurious house. On the contrary, you want to have affordable housing and without major complications when it comes to carrying it out.

They have, as expected, space for a single bed or bedroom. Its shapes range from square to rectangular, without getting into complications or cumbersome models, all very easy and simple.

Blueprints studio apartment layout plans

Here we provide you with other of these 5 models that we have come to present. The changes or modifications that can be made are few if we do not want to fall into extensions or additions of other spaces that make it leave the category of “studio apartment”.

The implements that we see in these plans are expressed tentatively, although we should not rule them out completely since they can be very useful if we want to optimize the space.

5 Economic studio apartment layout plans 3

Studio apartments

One of the most important points to know about studio apartments is the idea that everything is in one place. From the most extreme as it is to have a kitchen, living room and bedroom in the same environment, only leaving aside the bathroom for obvious reasons. Up to certain licenses, as we will find here, being able to partially put aside the kitchen or add a balcony.

Small modifications will give us greater habitability and they will be very grateful when having to live in them. That is why we have to think about everything very well when we are still in this stage, the design stage.

5 Economic studio apartment layout plans 5

The fact that they are cheap also affects their size, and we are not just talking about the square meters. We also refer to the height, types of materials used, and number of elements inside (including dividing walls, if any). Everything done without falling into the old saying “cheap is expensive” and think about how it use and who will use the studio in the future.


There are no big conclusions to draw, just to say that between labor and materials, these studio apartments will cost between 12,000 and 25,000 USD (US dollars). The variation is due to the labor we use, the materials we want to use, the finishes we give to the department and also the differences from one country to another.

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