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Tips and tricks for improving the spirit of the Interior

Students wrote to me with questions about air purification in their home. Here is one of the steps you can take to improve your indoor air.

“I heard about the HEPA filter for air conditioning. What is this and should I buy one?”

HEPA stands for High Performance Air. The HEPA filter works with a high pressure air pressure through a soluble site that absorbs pollen, animal, animal and smoke It can clean up almost all toxic microorganisms including bacteria, mold spores and viruses. Hospitals are one of the major users of HEPA air filters.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s run to the shops to buy another. Wait, don’t be in a hurry. There are a few problems you will encounter if you try to install a HEPA filter on your air conditioner or air conditioner. The first is the cost – ten dollars for a vacuum-size cleaner, and more than $ 200 for commercial air handlers. The second problem is that the air handlers do not have enough fans to push the air through the HEPA signal.

But there is good news – because the point of using a filter is to clean the air, there are things you can do to improve the quality of the inside. One is to use the HEPA filter in your room cleaner to be a model designed to use the HEPA filter. Another option is to buy a self-contained air cleaner, which I will cover in a future article.

Aside from entering the air cleaner, you must help yourself to keep the indoor air clean and tidy.

A well-maintained vacuum cleaner, containing HEPA filters, is used several times a week on the floor and carpets will go a long way to keeping your home clean. A vacuum without HEPA filters, on the other hand, will add more pollutants and air pollutants by picking it down and spreading it back into the air.

Adjust your air conditioning and heating filters on the schedule, as well as use high quality air filters. Medium and high-pressure filters for air-conditioning used in grocery stores are very good at attracting harmful particles.

Limit the use of candles and wood fires if you can. This adds to the internal burden of pollution.

Reduce the use of air fresheners and powerful cleaning products.

Don’t smoke inside.

Use larger fans if you have them when cooking, but don’t use them if you have a wood fire going to the fireplace. The fan can draw smoke from the living area from the fireplace.

You can call an air conditioner to come to your home with a quote for updating your fan handler so that it can handle the HEPA installation. This is not a low cost, so you may want to try more options first, and then consider the Spirit cleanser that you have.

Opening windows on good days will go a long way in cleaning your indoor air. With the Environmental Protection Agency claiming that indoor air is five or five times more polluted than outside air, allowing air to be less polluted will reduce your work list.

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