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Chimney cleaning tips and tricks

Chimney Cleaning is a service provided to sweep up the brilliant chimney and hack companies that give experts a bad name. The average cost of having your chimney cleaned by a modern chimney sweep machine ranges from $ 175. to $ 400. With so many homeowners in need of money this year, some might even try this fun activity every year. With this being said, I thought I could provide some practical explanation on how to clean your chimneys, maybe save a fire or 2 in the winter.

First you will need to collect the following:

  • Chimney straps and a good head brush. The brush head should be good and able to move and raise the chimney flue, but do not fall off your chimney flue if you leave it while on your chimney flue.
  • We will need a solid ladder to get to the roof. If you have a rooftop sound, you will need a second ladder and a ridge hook. If you don’t know how to attach a ridge hook to the ladder then you have no business since you have your roof!
  • 2 cloths for disposing of one waste is to put the floor in front of your fireplace and the other is to put the top of your wardrobe in good condition.
  • Buy a vacuum with Hepa filter in it. You know you’re the best one when it costs $ 15 or so for a filter. Inexpensive won’t do that Buy that works for the Hepa cleaner!

Now if you have all the things you need to clean your chimney, give up on it!

Move any items that are in front of your fireplace and fireplace. As soon as this area is free of anything that may come in your way, place a disposal cloth in front of your fireplace. Now discard the second cloth from the fireplace. You can use heavier books or a few bricks if you have things lying around.

Bring a vacuum. Make sure the filter is opened correctly or you will have a major problem on your hands. Plan now to put it inside. You can now step outside your home and lay on the side of your house, guarding your windows and ships. If the roof has a grip on it that makes your roof unsafe to move, hold your ladder with a ridge hook on it. Take them up to the roof. When you get to the platform you need to be very careful and place a roof measuring lab under your roof with the spare tire.

Now be very cautious and while your feet are still secure in the outline, Slowly lower the measuring hoop to the top of your roof. Once it’s on top of the hill melts it so that the ridge rig holds the top of your roof.

Give it a ridling ridge ladder to make sure it’s safe, then walk up to your wine with your sticks and brushes. As soon as you get there put the brush head on the stick and attach it to your chimney. Now scroll up and down until you find arms length in your chimney. Attach another rod and repeat the process until you reach the bottom.

You will know when you get down!

Once you do that, get all your gear on the ground and put it away before you go inside.

Now go inside and prevent the dirt from your fireplace. As long as you have done the present made.

Get your tube, the upper part of your body in the fireplace and the brush around the cleaning area clean as this is a place where companies are not important to miss and it is also a place that makes up most of their activities.

That & # 39; everything in the fireplace.

Or you could call a chimney pot.

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