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The advent of civilization at home

Tim’s tool here is to bring you another home improvement adventure. This time you provide a step-by-step guide for any project on your own when your home has unexpected leaks from the building inside your house. One of the first thoughts when you first see the humid, humid, and the sound of a downpour is that somewhere on your roof there may be a bending hole, a small hole where there was a roof pin or there is a missing column around the perimeter of the roof. In any case trying to find out where this leak came from your roof is like finding a needle in a warehouse. In other words the impossible task is to find the location of the crack or hole in the roof of a person.

There are many options when dealing with water damage in the home due to leaking roofs. The most obvious is that the roof is old and may need replacement. The most expensive option. One that will cost you more than $ 5,000 or more depending on the roof structure of your roof. For many of us especially those of us who live in Social Security that are not an option. The best time to remove any leaks, protect your home and at the same time if it is possible to live in a warm climate such as Florida, keep your interior cool on those hot and humid days to install a silicone water barrier over the entire roof.

With the onset of evening silicone roof technology they have come up with various sealants that are less expensive and more useful to apply directly to your roof instead of a complete roof repair. With due diligence and research on many types of silicone dealers I recommend the Eterna-Lote S-100. From all the proposals there is one of the best options. You can order it online though, to be absolutely sure and the cost of Home Depot carries this. They said that the best time was everything because I was lucky enough to be at Home Depot when they had an Eterna-Lote S-100 on sale. Initially a 5-gallon bag can cost over $ 200 but is marked up to $ 70. The wide area of ​​my roof requires two barrels of gas for this seal. Better value than I chose to replace my roof. Otherwise there is a 50 year warranty. What a thing that is.

There is not much that needs to be done when you have the right equipment to complete the work that is done using this seal on your roof. 5 liters cover about 500 square meters no pre-requisite. What I recommend for a single story residence is 8ft. ladder, and a rotating handle with a painted roller designed for rough surfaces that look at our roof is a found roof. Next you will need a 5 liter bucket. Once you have the right tools it should be easy to do.

Another word of caution is to check the weather forecast before applying. For best results your roof should be dry and free from any dirt. If there is any rain in the weather watch for up to two days of hot weather before and after the sealing. All I have to do is wait until the weather is 65 degrees cold. And in Florida during the winter of 65 months the degrees are normal. I started by taking out 2 liters of Eterna into a 5-empty bucket giving me easy access to the roof. Because I have not been a Hercules for a long time and 5 liters of this seal has just the mark of 100 lbs. Carrying my luggage at my own pace would be a chore, to say the least.

Having a slim wall that lowers the frame’s roof is much easier to roll around without any safety lines. Be careful only when approaching any boundary. This is why having a portable roller handle comes in handy. Starting at the back of her house I rolled onto this seal covering the roof, and made my way to the front. Two and a half liters of seal sealed 1/4 of my roof. Four hours later I’m tired of all the requests to not give up. It was about 3:45 PM about the time the instructions said “with the best results not working after 4 PM.” All I had to do was clean up.

Easy cleaning paint is the best way to clean your roller with any sealant drops that just happened to splatter on your own. I was not lucky although I was looking down and my legs had been sealed. I probably have more adhesive to me than some parts of my roof. I’m just joking though. Furthermore, with clean cloth and limited paint I was able to clean everything I had ever done.

A real moment has come to see just how effective this roof seal really is two days later. It was about two o’clock in the morning and the rain started to fall. Winds exceeded 50 mph and within four hours of driving the rain ended up on the roof. Elsewhere at that time two large branches of the tree were torn down by just sitting next to our outdoor kitchen. But that is not a decline in our womb. Our house was safe and dry.

So if you have any leaks somewhere from your exterior and you know that it doesn’t come from the upper bathroom, it can only come from a crack or leak somewhere on your roof. Instead of replacing your roof Tim equipment man recommends an Eterna-round S-100 silicone seal for your roof repair even if you happen to find out where you are coming from. Active. Tim is a signature tool until next time.

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